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How it works


Place your real estate ads normally

We integrate with hundreds of real estate portals and lead sources such as Zillow,, Trulia and Facebook.


We automatically forward new leads through Upcall

Upcall’s trained U.S team will carry out your engagement calls within minutes, with all important lead details.


Wait for results

We don’t give up on leads easily, and populate the results of each engagement in your Upcall dashboard, complete with answer to key questions and next steps.

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Find out what you need to know

We always ask all the right questions and filter out the unmotivated leads from the hot prospects.


Understand how far along the buying process the buyer is and whether there is an opportunity for you to do business with them or not.

Financial Means

The best buyer leads are those who are willing and able to purchase when they find the home they love.


We’ll help you avoid the looky-loos and focus on those buyers who are serious and willing to invest the time today to find their next home.


We’ll uncover what the buyer is looking for in their new home so that you can come better prepared to your first meeting with them.


We not only uncover what the buyer wants, but we take the time to understand why they want it, giving you a richer customer profile.


We don’t just find out if the seller is working with another agent, we look for opportunities throughout the selling process and after the sale.

Financial Goals

Understanding the financial obligations, goals, and assets of a seller is a key indicator of their fit for your services.


We help you identify the sellers who are ready to invest the time to sell their home today.


The motivations behind a seller will help you build a relationship with them that can lead to additional business opportunities.


Manage your inventory of open units better by understanding when a qualified lead is ready to move.

Rental History

We help you find the renters with the most reliable rental history.


Our employment questions help you better understand the renter’s ability to pay their rent on time as well as take care of other monthly household expenses.

People & Pets

Get a better understanding of who or what will be staying in your rental properties.


Spend more time working with those renters who are looking for the same type of units you have available.


Clean up your leads. Understand who is a buyer, seller, or renter. Funnel them to the correct nurturing process.

Timeline & Motivation

Understand when they want to start and what is motivating their decisions.


Uncover their goals and what is most important to them.

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Awesome Features

Get notified in

We notify you of hot leads via text message, email or Slack and summarize next steps.

See how your
lead sources perform

See which sources convert better so that you can focus your efforts on those.

engagement scripts

We use optimized call scripts that adapt to your company’s needs and brand values.

Integrated with 700 different tools

Upcall’s API and Zapier integration allows you to send results to your favorite tools & CRM.

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